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We, the students, petition to change SAC's current format to a prefect based system.

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Is democracy in SAC really the answer? The entirety of grade 10 has been discussing the merits and demeanor of this year’s SAC and its relative ineffectiveness. In truth, there is quite some truth in what the students are saying. To give an accurate critique, SAC this year was, compared to the SAC of last year, an ineffective democracy that was elected on basis of school popularity and entirely inefficient in planning, execution, and revision. In the end, it boiled down to a few students running for a “leadership” position just for the merit of putting the title on their resumes.

The solution to this problem as advised by a colleague would be to construct a higher council of three students per grade that would work above SAC, whom would be subject to school budget and professional authority but would be elected by solely the teachers. Note that SAC and its democratic elections will not be abolished; the author is simply adding an organization in charge of SAC. Effectively, SAC would become the executive branch of the newly coined “prefect system”. By implementing an oligarchic system above SAC that is subject to only staff and the school budget, the newly formed SAC and its contemporaries would be greatly efficient in the creation of events for students to enjoy. Allowing the teachers to nominate their chosen would allow many teachers to have an indirect voice in SAC and would ensure that the elected would be only those who are capable and willing to take the burden of their title.

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