Dogs OFF Leads in Glenelg Shire

Dogs OFF Leads in Glenelg Shire

5 July 2020
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Glenelg Shire Council
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Started by Helen Oakley

Dogs are free to roam, walk off lead all hours of the day every day except Dec 1 till end of Easter. Nuns Beach, Fawthrop Lagoon and Cape Bridgewater and areas dogs are free to roam without being under control of a lead. Council Law states dogs off lead are to be ‘under effective control’ which none are. It’s open slather and people who do walk their dogs on a lead are harassed, abused by owners, pets mauled, children scared, elderly frightened to walk their pets in areas ALL rate payers should be able to enjoy without fear.

Limiting off lead to 6-8am only (or banning off lead altogether ) and maybe the rest of the day is on lead or risk huge fines, Rangers to be given the ‘on the spot fine’ authority.

Our lagoon is a haven for wildlife yet we allow dogs to run into the water and reeds and disturb their habitat.

We want to walk our dogs on lead anywhere in Portland without being abused, intimidated, nervous, scared and fear of our pet being mauled. 
we need to unite on this so we can walk around our town feeling SAFE. 
Please put your name to this petition, Council is meeting Tuesday July 14th.

Share this to everyone you know , ensure the elderly get the opportunity to be signing as they are most at risk of falling when rushed by off lead dogs.
Thank you ! 
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Signatures: 40Next goal: 50
Support now

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