Optional Senior Uniform for Glendowie College Students

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Hi I'm Mayna Tse, a Year 12 Glendowie College student, and I want to get the new senior uniform to be optional for Year 13 Glendowie College students. Recently, from 2019 the newly designed senior uniform has become compulsory for all Year 13s. However, in the past, the Senior uniform was optional for Year 13 students, and the Junior uniform was still available as an option.

There's been a lot of discussion and controversy going on about this uniform becoming compulsory, such as not being able to financially afford it to wear just for one year.

I want all Glendowie College Students to make positive memories of their final year at Glendowie College, and have the freedom of wearing both junior and senior uniform. Please sign this petition no matter what year you are in, as you'll all be Year 13s one day! And leave any comments or suggestions below.

Note: Please only sign this petition if you are a Glendowie College Student or are affiliated with the school. Thank you