Give Cords Back to the Students of Glenbard North High School!

Give Cords Back to the Students of Glenbard North High School!

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Glenbard North Community, 

Recently, there has been a rumor circulating that the administration of Glenbard North has decided to take cords away from graduation from the class of 2022. Unfortunately, this rumor is true. 

I speak from the perspective of a student that has seen her past four years of high school sadly pass her by from behind a computer screen. I personally have enjoyed my high school experience immensely and will acknowledge that this school has some of the most interactive, passionate, and helpful administration and teachers that a school has to offer. However, this year's senior class seems to be getting the short end of the stick day in and day out and the removal of cords at graduation feels like the tip of the iceberg for so many students that have worked so hard for the last four years.

The reasoning for taking away the cords is said to have been plainly because the administration does not want students to financially struggle for the purchase of said cords and so that the graduating class looks more uniform on May 25th. 

However, I believe that that reasoning is illogical. Talking to students from the class of '21, many of them recall the cords being relatively inexpensive (ranging from around 10-20 dollars) and one had even said that when it was a financial burden on their family, the head of the honor society was more than welcome to help the student. Claiming that the cost would be a factor in taking our cords away is absolutely unreasonable because the educators that lead these organizations would evidently help any student in financial need, just so they can show their achievement in their honor society. 

Additionally, claiming that the school must be more uniform by graduation feels almost condescending from a student's perspective. Respectfully, if the school truly wanted every student to be and feel equal to their peers at Glenbard North, then I would suggest also taking away the 5.0 wall, the entire athletic hallway, and academic letters. I also feel that it is contradictory to the administration's point to see the educators leading their honor societies having colorful shalls to show off their achievements towards their societies, while their students do not have the chance to do so. 

The reformed solution addressed by the administration seems like a good one, but, from a student perspective, seems illogical. The administration has proposed that instead of wearing a cord from each honor society that the student is from, that each student simply wears one golden cord. I think this contradicts everything the school proudly preaches. "Hard Work Matters" does not seem applicable if students cannot show their hard work on the day of their high school graduation. 

Even if the decision is set by the administration, I, and many students of the Glenbard North community, hope that with this petition, the administration would be open to giving us our cords and allowing us to feel rewarded of our work for the last four years of our lives. 

-A Glenbard North Student

109 have signed. Let’s get to 200!