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Adding a Turning Lane to Chamberlain Lane in Order to prevent Ford Worker Deaths

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Every weekday after us Ford workers get off we have to take an extra 55 minutes to get home because of the lack of road and turning lane capacity on Chamberlain Lane. Now the reason why we feel as that is the problem is that even if there is one accident or light out it causes us to be late for work and also causes us to be late coming home. Also there is no light for the off ramp on La Grange Rd which causes us to be late due to right a way laws. Lastly the Westport & La Grange Road area has had a recent upturn in commercial businesses and the roadway infrastructure has not kept up so when they go to turn onto Chamberlain Lane backs up traffic too.

Action petitioned for

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to add a turning lane & third driving lane to Chamberlain Lane, a traffic signal addition on La Grange Road to and from the Gene Synder (I-265, KY-841) Southbound ramp, also an addition of a third driving lane to Westport Road, and lastly if possible an addition of a direct ramp from Northbound Gene Synder (I-265, KY-841) to Chamberlain Lane directly to mirror the traffic capabilities of the Southbound side.

Benefits if Actions are Taken

The benefits to the city would be tremendous.

        1. Ford could get more parts in for manufacturing vehicles thus allowing a potential increase in production and thus leading Ford to add models to the Kentucky Truck Plant instead of launching them in Mexico, China, or Ohio and thus adding more tax dollars and jobs here in Louisville.

       2. Also there would be a significant decrease in the fatalities of the ramp on La Grange Road.

      3. Also with the addition of a turning lane traffic would be able to flow more smoothly which also decreases the amount of accidents

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