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What is a sanctuary city? There is no singular definition of a sanctuary city. Traditionally speaking a 'sanctuary city'  is a broad term applied to jurisdictions that have policies in place designed to limit cooperation with or involvement in federal immigration enforcement actions. Cities, counties and some states have a range of informal policies as well as actual laws that qualify as 'sanctuary' positions.

How does designating Glen Ridge a Sanctuary City affect our town? The Glen Ridge police force will utilize its personnel and resources to serve and protect the rights of all who live and work in our community. Our police force will not serve as deputized ICE agents for the purposes of collection of data or will not investigate the citizenship status of individuals unless mandated by law or a court and will not cooperate with immigration detentions for the purpose of deportation of undocumented immigrants. We acknowledge our police department's unwavering commitment in protecting the residents of this town and ask GRPD to continue to extend all city benefits and services to all who live and work in our town regardless of the citizenship or immigration status of individuals. 

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To Mayor Patrick and the Borough Council of Glen Ridge:

The undersigned citizens are asking you to formally declare Glen Ridge, New Jersey, to be a Sanctuary City*.

The United States is comprised largely of immigrants and descendants of those who immigrated to our country in search of freedom and opportunity. We acknowledge the many immigrants who currently live in, raise their families, and work in Glen Ridge and in neighboring towns as vital members of our community. It is our belief that our community is stronger because of the diversity, cultural influences, and economic contributions of immigrants. We wish to retain our town's autonomy and declare ourselves welcoming, respectful, and non-discriminatory towards immigrants. 

Federal immigration policies have been hasty and imprudent in addressing the complex competing interests involved in immigration reform. The policies have not shown the fundamental respect and due process our immigrant residents, friends, neighbors and employees deserve. 

We do not wish for our limited local government resources to be utilized for enforcing or assisting enforcement of these policies. Until our elected leaders within the State and Federal government create practices and policies aligned with American ideals through comprehensive immigration reform, we request that our local government resolve to maintain its traditional role and abstain from any involvement in immigration enforcement measures.

We seek to align ourselves with communities that respect immigrants, both documented and undocumented, including Princeton, Montclair, Maplewood, South Orange, Newark, East Orange, Jersey City, New York City, and hundreds of localities across the country who have declared themselves to be Sanctuary communities.

As a Sanctuary City, Glen Ridge will commit to the following protections for all immigrants: Glen Ridge and Glen Ridge police will not (1) be deputized to enforce any immigration policy, (2) inquire as to immigration/citizenship status, (3) maintain records or issue reports on immigration/citizenship status. Glen Ridge further commits that benefits and services offered to residents and the public will not be denied on the basis of citizenship or immigration status. 

We propose Glen Ridge, upon designation, maintain its status as a Sanctuary City until the Federal and State governments enact legislation and policies that demonstrate a fundamental respect for the humanity of all immigrants, address the ability of undocumented residents to attain documented status and establish clear guidelines for future immigration practices that align with the American ideals of freedom and equality.


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