Glen Ridge for Choice in Learning

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Glen Ridge for Choice in Learning respects all parents' right to choose how their child learns during a pandemic.

The Glen Ridge Board of Education has given families two options: all-virtual or hybrid. The all-virtual option allows families who, for whatever reason, are not comfortable sending their child back to school in the Fall, to learn 100% from their homes. 

The hybrid option combines some virtual learning with some in-person schooling. 

The Board of Ed. has given families the choice to continue all-virtual education in Fall 2020 if they choose. Why do these families feel the need to take that choice away from parents who want to try the hybrid option?

Not only is in-person school a tried-and-true way for students to learn and socialize, but it is absolutely vital for working parents. Without the option for safe in-person schooling, many two-job families will be forced to give up an income to educate their children.

Families who are not comfortable with in-person schooling can keep their kids home until they feel comfortable. Please join us in asking the GR Board of Education to retain the hybrid option.