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Help stop the build of the proposed housing estate,  on Robeys Lane.  Somewhat 1200 dwellings,  is a ludicrous amount!!

This will affect the farmers crops, their families and the wildlife.  

The other affects are:

  • We do not have any local schools. Therefore,  a primary and high school, would need building.  
  • No longer allowed hospital - Mile oak is closing,. This will put extra strain on Good Hope, Burton and George Elliott. There will not be sufficient ambulance staff,  that will be required.  This will make the waiting time, in an emergency,  even longer and putting lives in danger! 
  • We don't have the police,  to cope with the extra work,  as they are already over stretched,  in their work capacity.  They have closed stations,  not opened more!
  • Our village will NOT withstand the amount of extra traffic.  Another 2-3000 cars, vans etc, on the through road.  The affect,  it would have on village.  Some people already think it's a racing ground, for speeding through... IT IS BUILT UP AREA - WITH A 30 MILE AN HOUR LIMIT!! This will also affect every road. Causing an extra hour,  just to get the M42...  Think about it! It does affect you too.  
  • Alvecote woods a day the priory will be in danger.  This is a ancient monument ruin, that needs preserving - We are not prepared,  to just see it go!  People go there for calm,  peace and tranquility.  We will not get that,  if it surrounded, with a lot vast, noisy housing estate! Also, what happens to the wildlife?  The nature,  the habitants,  no homes for the wildlife and no food for the wildlife. This then,  brings threat of extinction!! 
  • We have no local amenities. No shops,  no doctors,  no health centres.. We have to walk 30 minutes,  to our nearest shop.  We have no bus service. The bus stops are 30 minutes away!  
  • There is no local employment around here! 

The flood plains will worsen!  The built up area,  will have nowhere for the water to absorb.  Therefore,  it will run into the river,  causing Polesworth and Tamworth to flood, even more,  than it does already.  More importantly, could endanger the village to flood.  The affects, could be devastating!

WE MUST SAVE AND PRESERVE OUR COUNTRYSIDE!!! We care about it and want you to too!! 

We are a small village, with 60 houses and not many voices.  



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