Safe Roads in York Region for Cyclists and Motorists

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On March 30, 2016, I was enjoying a nice spring ride along Dufferin Street in York Region when I encountered a large pothole at the last second and had nowhere to go except into the hole. My bicycle exploded, and I went over the handlebars and landed on my head, and my collarbone broke in two places. I would have died if I had not had a bicycle helmet.

I am reaching out to my fellow cyclists to send York Region a message that they must take responsibility for the road repairs and keep the roads safe for vehicles and cyclists alike.

I have lived in York Region for 30 years and have seen numerous cases of the roads being in disrepair. For the taxes that we pay, I'm not going to take it anymore. They need to be held accountable as hundreds of cyclists cycle past my house in King City every weekend, and they encounter the same poor road conditions that I do.
Please join me in my quest to make sure that these keepers of the roads do their jobs to keep everyone safe. I almost died and did not enjoy the experience of spending three days in the hospital with a concussion and broken collarbone.
I visited the road three weeks ago, and it is still in the same disrepair since my bike crash

is it going to take a death to get these guys to realize that they have a duty and obligation to keep all cyclists safe?
We can't have that happen or it will be too late.
We need responsible road management and care from York Region.
Since my crash, I have seen numerous instances where the roads in York Region are in terrible condition and are an accident just waiting to happen.
Please sign on to this petition to get York Region to pay attention to our safety as motorist and cyclists alike.

Thank you and let's all make a difference and let our united voice be heard.

Your fellow cyclist,