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Fight depression. Say it. Be brave.

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For many years, depression has been a very crucial problem in most of the countries in the world. According to World Health Organization-Philippines, 3.29 million people in the country are living with depression and 3.07 million are living with anxiety. Suicide cases, in our country, have also increased, and 2,558 cases of suicide are due to mental health. Depression is a leading factor in suicide. It is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how an individual feel, the way he or she thinks and how he or she acts. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Nowadays, due to the fast-growing technology, teenagers spent most of their time facing the screens, or their gadgets, instead of doing real-world activities. However, these screens leading to the virtual world have also been a platform for bullying and other cybercrimes. Teenagers, being the most active users of the internet, are mainly the ones who became victims of cybercrime and bullying. Because of this event, they are one of the age groups who have the most number of depression victims. Our group, the Gleefully Peers, aims to create a social campaign that will help promote the social awareness of people involved about this concern and create an online petition with the goal of helping depression victims to voice out their problems and help them feel that they have someone to lean on.


Gleefully Peers, through the Say It. Be Brave Campaign, aims to:

1.      Help the victims of depression feel that they are not alone,

2.      Boost the confidence of depression victims by helping them let out their sentiments,

3.      Let other citizens reach out and give support to depression victims,

4.      Set activities that will help for the treatment and recovery of depressions victims and,

5.      Lessen suicide rates caused by depression.


Gleefully Peers, by promoting the Say It. Be Brave. Campaign, envisions itself as a transformed and transforming organization that serves as a symbol of hope for depression victims and a catalyst to promote a healthy mind and a long life.


Gleefully Peers came up with the campaign, Say It. Be Brave., to raise social awareness to other people, mostly teenagers, about depression and how it is slowly eating the minds of its victims. Our organization’s purpose is to end the stigma of depression. Our group aims to create a petition and a Facebook page, to be entitled Say It. Be Brave., to help us achieve our goals. We will be creating infographics and informative posts connected to being aware of depression. We will also be conducting online activities for depression victims to slowly boost their confidence. Our Facebook page, entitled Say It. Be Brave., will not only post informations about depression but it will also be a channel for voicing out the problems of depression victims to also seek help to other concerned citizens who are willing to give help and advice. Depression victims can send their concerns to us and we will give advice and ensure them that they have somebody who will listen to them and somebody whom they can lean on. The scope of our project is to be able to reach out to the local government units, schools, parents, students and other peers to sign our petition.

We will be requiring two weeks to develop this project and we will start our promotion right after we have uploaded the Facebook page. We will not be using any funds for this project since this will mainly focus in using social media to spread out the group’s campaign.

Should you have any questions about our project feel free to contact us at our email account, or calls us at +639257393925.

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