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Say "No" to a Marijuana Store in Redmond's Grass Lawn Neighborhood

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The city of the Redmond is in the process of approval for an application to turn what used to be a residential house at 7505 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy into a Marijuana Store (File Number: Land-2017-00284 by "The Grass is always Greener").

We ask the city to deny the application and keep our neighborhood safe for us and for our kids.

This petition has nothing to do with whether Marijuana should be legalized or not. Anyone is entitled to his own position on that and we recognize Marijuana is legal in WA.

The reasons we object to a Marijuana store in this location are:

This location is very close (80ft to 200ft) to residential complexes in which many families with young kids live. 

The location is extremely close (~20 ft) to a bus station used to pickup and drop kids to school. The store is directly in the road below it and it is super easy to get to it from the bus station.

There is an elementary school (Benjamin Rush Elementary School) close to this location. Young kids walk to and from school near this location every day.

A recently published Colorado University research shows that the number of teenagers sent to emergency rooms more than quadrupled after marijuana was legalized in Colorado — mostly for mental health symptoms. See

Placing a store at this place will aggravate the already very congested traffic at this location as more traffic pours into the area. Moreover it require drivers to merge from and into its parking in an area which is already very dangerous to merge in. It will put drivers and pedestrians at high risk.

Marijuana Stores are dealing with cash only and thus are honey pots for robbers. A research in Colorado shows that legal Pot marijuana criminal activities were doubled. We don’t want armed robbers near our neighborhood. See

Legal or not Marijuana stores still have a stigma and people don’t want to live next to one. This will depreciate the neighborhood home values. See

There are plenty of Pot Stores near by (closest is 3 min drive away) so there will be no harm if a Pot store is not opened in this location. The Pot store can be placed in another location in Redmond, which is more appropriate.

Please sign this petition and also copy paste the content of this petition and mail to He collects input on this application from Redmond residents.

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