Change the system for obtaining Glastonbury festival tickets.

Change the system for obtaining Glastonbury festival tickets.

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Katie L started this petition to Glastonbury Festival Organisers and

Most of us have had this feeling - Every year Glastonbury festival tickets go on sale. Every year we know that we will be once again staring at that holding page and, potentially, won't get tickets - but, if you're like me - every year you'll make a vein attempt at snatching up a ticket or 2. 

I myself have been to Glastonbury festival once - in 2014 - I managed to swipe a ticket in the resale. The festival itself is fantastic - but I feel that things need to change when it comes to obtaining tickets. Over the past couple of years I've tried, failed, had a little moan and got over it - but this year demonstrated to me that things definitely need to change.

This year, Despite sticking to the rules I was endlessly refreshing the page and all that came up was a message to tell me the that there was no server to carry out my request. I never even got a sniff of the holding page. 

Yes, ok, so I've had my little whinge - but I have a suggestion to remedy this - one word -


A ballot would simplify the process, which in turn would make it fairer for everyone involved- seetickets wouldn't have their servers crashing out and, let's face it, we wouldn't have to deal with the stress of watching that little blue/white/rainbow or whatever colour it is that you have wheel thingy at the top of the tabs going round and round for what seems like an eternity. 

So here's an outline of what I am proposing:

To get a ticket in the first place, you must register anyway - that bits already in place. Part of the job is done!

Next we move onto what would be the ticket sale date, but instead of firing up every single electronic device with a lagging sense of dread, you switch on one device - just the one - and you pop open your emails. In there would be an email saying that you've been allocated 2/3/4 or however many tickets and that you have a week from the date of the email to pay the £50 deposit which is non refundable. You still get the rest of the time to pay the full balance, but you've secured your tickets. Can I just mention here that I fully understand that not everyone can get tickets so people would also get emails saying that this year, unfortunately they were unlucky and to remind them of the resale coming later but to also try again next year. 

The week for payment of deposits goes by and most tickets will be snapped up, but, following this there are tickets which haven't been secured. I also add here that giving people the week to pay the deposit makes some time to sort out who is going, who needs to pay who and to request annual leave for the dates.

This brings me to, what is currently, the later resale date. 

These tickets then get reallocated during this period - anyone who didn't get tickets during the first ballot may get lucky and be offered some at this point - as, at this point, the festival is steadily approaching, the full balance would have to be paid. 

So in conclusion, the same rules apply when it comes to payment schedules, but allocating the tickets with a ballot would make everything a lot easier and make it a little bit more fair! 

Obviously, I am open to any suggestions regarding this plan. Also, I must stress that this isn't a dig at the festival itself, just the system in regards to obtaining tickets. I just feel that this way more people will be able to experience Glastonbury festival and all its charms! 

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