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Better heating in Glasgow University library

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I am currently freezing to death in big Ggow uni lib and this is in fact not the first time. I know to a certain extent it is my own responsibility to maybe wear warmer clothes if I know I'm going to be in cold conditions but I think it is in mine and other students best interest to simply have a generally warmer libs. The library is such a great place in basically every other aspect (other than the dry af sandwiches that I continue to purchase our of laziness) so find that it is a shame that it has this ever so slight problem. Oor lib has the potential to be the most perfect library ever, if only it were a few degrees warmer. 

If you agree with the above statement, then GREAT, we've got this in our (freezing) hands. All you have to do is sign le petition and we'll hopefully see a bright and warm future for the library.


PS. Yes this was a way for me to procrastinate while in the library, you've seen right through me. But it is also something I stand for and hope you do too. Thanks for taking the time to read this lil rant, hope you have a great life after signing this petition! <3

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