Remove the whorephobic "Invisible Men" exhibit which dehumanizes sex workers

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Remove the whorephobic "Invisible Men" exhibit which dehumanizes sex workers

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The Invisible men project was started by a group opposed to sex workers rights who support the criminalziation of sex work. In order to make sex workers appear agencyless victims they select edit parts of reviews on Punternet, and present these as the experiences of all sex workers.

They remove the names of the sex workers, treating us as an amorphous mass, dehumanizing and objectifying us. They have no concern for the actual sex workers involved, instead using our experiences to push their political agenda.

The project ignores the fact that misogony exists in wider society, and verges on victim blaming by saying that these attitudes are only portrayed about sex workers, suggesting that if sex work did not exist then misogynistic attitudes would not.

Reviews are a part of many service industries, as workers we have our own way of dealing with them, the Invisible Men Tumblr, and this art exhibit speaks over sex workers, silencing them and ignoring the many discussions we have about reviews, review culture, hobbyists and other topics in this area. As the #notyourrescueproject tag showed we have voices, a forward thinking space concerned with social justice would be amplifying those voices not actively working against them.

ewad about the exhibit and the attitudes of those who support it here


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