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Glasgow District Council at the last minute decided not to grant a Licence to the company who have ran this market for the past 7 years.

They have chosen to grant the licence to M&D's who run the fun-fare in George Square, on the run up to Christmas, thus granting them a monopoly for both George Square and St. Enoch Square.   

I enjoyed seeing all the different stalls from the different countries and interacting with our European friends.  The District Council have chosen to announce this, at the last minute rather than months ago when the decision is normally taken, then we the Public would have had a chance to object.  Also the stallholders who have come over for the past 7 years had already started their travel plans and purchased stock etc for their stalls, this will cost them dearly.   This sort of behaviour reflects badly on the people of Scotland and particularly Glasgow.

The European Stall Holders also employee people from Glasgow and surrounding Districts to help on their Stalls, the District Council are also therefore contributing to increasing the unemployment statistics on the run-up to the Festive Season.


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