We need a Secondary School in our local area!

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As everyone living in Bridgeton, Dalmarnock, Calton, Barrowfield and surrounding areas know St Mungo’s is the closest secondary school we have which is within walking distance With catchment for dalmarnock primary being Eastbank academy which is over half an hour on the bus. Every year more and more houses are being built, more and more families are moving in to the area resulting in more and more children living in the area being refused entry to their local secondary school St Mungo’s and having to travel to eastbank academy or white hill secondary. This has caused a great deal of stress for many local children and families having to travel away to Shettleston or siblings being sent to different schools. With another new primary Riverbank opening its doors and plans to build even more houses in Dalmarnock I think it’s time the council built a new secondary school in the area and stop refusing children a place in a secondary school that’s on our door step and sending them to one out of the area, and stop splitting siblings/ families up by refusing entry to st Mungo’s. There are enough primary’s in the area and everyone would benefit from a secondary school being built locally.