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Hold a public inquiry into misconduct at Glasgow City Council


We the undersigned, citizens of Glasgow and Scotland, note with concern and alarm:

1) Glasgow City Councillors role in the Ronnie Saez payoff (specifically Cllr Redmond and Cllr Coleman, whose actions the Charities' regulator branded "misconduct");
2) the Council leader's role in the George Square debacle;
3) the Council's decision to hand over control of the Polmadie recycling plant to a private company (Viridor) to run a privatised incinerator (after initial proposals sold the idea on the basis that it would comprise part of a council green energy scheme) negotiated by Council director Robert Booth, brother of a Viridor executive, who retired with a huge severance package following the deal;
4) the decision of the justicial authorities not to investigate six separate potential criminal offences committed by Glasgow City Councillors in the past three years.

These and other concerns represent very real threats to our democracy and to the rule of law. We call on the relevant authorities to launch a public inquiry. We must clean up our democracy, so that we, Scottish citizens can have faith in our institutions.

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  • Glasgow City Council & The Scottish Parliament

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