Save the Iron Horse Bar

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Property developers have submitted plans to Glasgow City Council to demolish the Iron Horse and neighbouring businesses to make way for an unspecified hotel. The developers have suggested that the existing building is subject to flooding. This is inaccurate – the building is perfectly sound.

The Iron Horse is a historic institution which has a unique place in the hearts of Glaswegians and visitors alike. There has been a pub on this site since 1872 and there is a rich history here.

We would ask the Council to consider the problems of the city in recent times. The Sauchiehall Street fires have taken away some of our best-loved venues and historic buildings. Shops and businesses are pulling out of the city centre leaving empty, unused spaces.

The Iron Horse is a thriving, independent Scottish business. Although we are in the city centre we are, essentially a community pub. We provide a venue for numerous events, clubs and meetings as well as the everyday friendly service that Glasgow prides itself on. Also, the pub and it’s neighbours provide employment for around 50 people.

We ask the Council to retain some of the diversity and character of the city which is found in the Iron Horse and its neighbours and not in yet another chain hotel skyscraper.

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