Save the Backyard Pumptrack

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I am Ramsay, local mountain bike instructor and founder of TrailCoach. Like so many of us, the pandemic put a halt to getting out on the bikes with all my lovely clients, and had me twiddling my thumbs. I decided to put this Lockdown time to good use and built a pumptrack to serve the community during lockdown, where kids and adults can get some exercise in a socially-distanced fashion while blowing off some steam and getting some fresh air on their bikes. 

All the hard work could be lost and all the joy it has created could be undone if we don't save the pumptrack!

Why does the Backyard Pumptrack need saved? 

Glasgow City Council has indicated they intend to impose planning regulations to enforce the reinstatement of a grass lawn on my property. I am unaware of any complaints - neighbours have been resoundingly supportive and have even joined in themselves. I have made it clear to the council that I am more than happy to work with any concerned parties and that it seems unnecessary (and outwith good practice) to move immediately to enforcement without any discussion as to what the problem is, nor any efforts to resolve prior to enforcement.

While I work to resolve this without the need for any enforcement, we need to show how much benefit the pumptrack has brought to the local community, particularly during lockdown, where social distancing in the city was virtually impossible. Everyone needs some fresh air and exercise and I was proud to be able to provide that for locals who perhaps don't have a garden or somewhere to play (kids and grown-ups alike).

If we make a great case, perhaps we'll be allowed to keep it going and you never know, it might be incredibly useful during another lockdown period. 

Please show your support and sign this petition and leaving a comment as to why you think it should be allowed to stay. If you want to know more, there is the video series on my YouTube channel or you can still book a slot to ride in the meantime.