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Every year our children have to place and request a space at other local schools St Andrews Secondary School and Smithycroft Secondary School.

Every year our kids are refused, this year 22 children refused and are now waiting to hear if their appeal will be successful and if they will be allowed to attend school with their peers.

Our current feeder school is St Mungo's Academy, over 2 miles away and a 35 minute walk on a good day, the council have a school bus which we have been told you need to request a place to be on.  22 kids refused will now have to attend St Mungos for their S1 visits and the council will have to pay for buses to take them there 3 days this month.  This makes no sense, why spend money sending kids who don’t want to go there.  The mini bus which runs in the morning is a hit or a miss it hasn’t been on for the past two weeks.  Do you want to send you’re 11 year old on public transport to Duke Street and walk a further 10 minutes to school?

90% of St Thomas children do not want to attend St Mungo's Academy we would like to get some names on this petition to have the feeder school changed to ST Andrews Secondary. NO MORE PLACING REQUESTS!

St Thomas is closer to St Andrews than 6 of its current feeder schools.

St Thomas is closer to Smithycroft Secondary than all of its current feeder schools.

22 refusals

19 accepted – St Andrews

0 accepted – Smithycroft (not confirmed)

5 kids with placing requests in other areas

Included in above 4 children with siblings at the requested schools didn’t get in!

We think included in above the new HUB in Maryhill placing request office have lost 6+ applications just from our school really, how many have they lost over the Glasgow City Council area. Nightmare

Our kids now have to go in front of an appeal board to have their place looked at in detail and give good reason as to why they should get in, while their friends are getting excited about their upcoming visit to secondary school.

Please let’s change this for the future


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