To Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Government: Please Shelter Our Homeless throughout the Pandemic

To Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Government: Please Shelter Our Homeless throughout the Pandemic

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Airline Industry started this petition to Gladys Berejiklian (Former politician) and
    • To the HON. Gladys Berejiklian - Premier NSW Government
  • The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Sydney - Clover Moore (City of Sydney Council)
  • All NSW Local Councils

Quick Fact: The number does fluctuate, between 110,000 - 120,000 of those sleeping rough in Australia each night. That number of people can fill the MCG, Melbourne Arena & Rodd Laver Arena alone. I mention that to give some perspective and contrast when it comes to other 1st world western nations and their homeless populations. We can't cure homelessness, but it is feasible to aid a large percentage and "Flatten the Curve" of homelessness. We have the resources, space yet we lack the will to make a change.

In Perth (WA).

"About 20 people experiencing homelessness are being moved into Perth's Pan Pacific hotel as part of a "Hotels with Heart" pilot, to reduce the health risks for people experiencing homelessness during this difficult period. The initiative aims to deliver both health outcomes for the community and economic stimulus to the hotel sector. It will focus on rapidly housing rough sleepers who are most at risk, to keep them safe and out of the hospital. If the trial is successful, the new service model could be scaled up to support and ensure the safety of people experiencing homelessness, family and domestic violence and mental health issues." (Reference:

I am not sure if it is an initiative that the NSW government has considered. Considering the number of hotels we have in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and beyond. Taking into account we have the largest homeless population in Australia. Combined with the highest level of COVID 19 cases. I firmly believe that this should be an essential step the NSW government should as well be taking. Due to the pandemic, people sleeping rough are unable to maintain the hygiene standards that are required at this time and many are also unable to self isolate.

I am no expert but, the more people were given shelter during this period, It is bound to reduce the number of cases if those sleeping rough were able to sleep in isolation, yet in comfort and have access to sanitary items during this horrid, unprecedented period. This will also provide many social services type jobs.

Imagine the anxiety those sleeping rough would be experiencing at this time. I believe ALL homeless people should be treated with dignity no matter their circumstance, whether it's domestic violence, drugs or alcohol, simply lazy people who were turfed out of their homes, any reason for that matter. It could happen to anyone of us.

We NEED to get as many of those unfortunate enough to have to sleep rough on our streets into safe hotel-based accommodation during this period.

If Perth can initiate it do it so can we, yes in WA, they are piloting this method, essentially a test. NSW should step up, and provide shelter to as many people in need of it as possible, with the help of City and Local Councils.

The more people, the better. The curve will inch further to being flat using this method among all other methods and restrictions that have only recently been put into Law. 

This is not radical, the state and local governments combined can afford hotel-style accommodation for many as well as the services that will be required, and those services will provide jobs.

Doing this will most likely not only flatten the curve but will have a positive knock-on effect as those given the opportunity will have the time to re-evaluate their life, in comfort, with pens and paper, access to internet facilities, social and humanitarian services, etc. We can't really predict the outcome of this, but I do feel personally that many of those living rough and that if this was to be executed by the government (s), would be more than grateful and would seize the opportunity to work towards changing their life.

It would make me personally so happy as I do work with at times and aid the homeless of Sydney and I know it would make our homeless, our citizens, our unfortunate community extremely and eternally grateful!

  • Please, take this essential step. 
  • Be leaders and help ALL humans during such a large scale global disaster.
  • I'm sure the government (s) have been shown some form of medical advice that would confirm that rates would drop a certain degree if this initiative was executed

All other states should also be considering this initiative.

It is more simple than it sounds, even if it does come as a significant cost initially, it will surely aid the future economy.

Let's all work together as a nation, fight the virus, and aid those in such vulnerable positions. 


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