The health care system needs to change, Trauma informed care should be mandatory

The health care system needs to change, Trauma informed care should be mandatory

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Becci LeeLee started this petition to Gladys Berejiklian (Former politician) and

"We are fortunate for our world class healthcare options here in Australia, but that doesn't mean we should just accept the ways in which it fails many of us.

Since I was a young girl I've been in and out of the healthcare system, I have had some good, some ok, and unfortunately too many neglectful, distressing, and worst of all re-traumatising experiences.  When trying to face such unhelpful experiences, the options for having them addressed, even to a satisfactory degree, can be severely lacking. We are always told that we have avenues put in place to deal with such negative experiences but for the most part they fail to achieve anything that they are established to do. This leaves us dis-empowered, erodes trust, and furthers the already negative experiences we have had to endure.

As well as my own experiences, I've personally witnessed and heard many horror stories of how the system has failed others and their loved ones.

It's not ok and things need to change.

Both the public and private mental health systems suffer from many shortcomings that disturbingly see patients failing into the cracks. This need to be urgently addressed, rather than potentially swept under the rug by policy makers and profit driven corporations.

This affects us all, and its well been beyond time things changed drastically.

We see this cycle constantly repeating and the bureaucratic echoed response, 'such changes take time, it's getting better, a bit at a time' but this is not representative of the reality on the ground. People are still subjected to horrifically poor treatment from the lowliest of D grade public mental health wards, all the way up to the fanciest of private facilities in Australia. (This isn't to say there are not absolutely hard working, empathic, just plain amazing staff that work in these fields. Such people are damaged by this all too).

What we are aiming towards is to have the following issues seriously addressed and solutions implemented for:

Trauma informed care to be made mandatory across all forms of medical care. With the training available to be qualified in such, and said training to be appropriately weighted to the importance and complexity of the subject matter.

• Aim to resolve recurring issues regarding quality of care in the public mental health sector, in all aspects, from facilities, services, staff, and the stigma surrounded mental health concerns.

• Stronger safeguards of the regulations of both private and public healthcare facilities and their practices.

• Regular transparency of individual hospital's standards and quality of care, sourced by unbiased and independent commissions, with all results being freely available to the public with no obfuscation.

It’s about time we stop seeing advocacy for such changes being paid lip service to!

It’s about time we stop hearing the excuses, while people are being violated, exploited, taken for granted, disrespected and expected to put up with unsuitable, unhelpful situation. Suicides happen in and out of hospitals due to not receiving proper help, on top of obviously each individual’s reasons of their immense pain. People are leaving facilities they have been at for weeks feeling worse than when they came in. We have facilities that don't cater to the needs for patients both in regards to mental and physical health issues.

We are the unheard, the stigmatized, the disrespected, we are just the numbers in the lines of the desensitised.

It’s time the powers at be take this all actually seriously! No more lies, let's get real change NOW!"

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!