Tell Premier Berejiklian you want a real reduction in the number of pokies

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Australia has the most poker machines per person of any country excluding gambling holiday destinations such as Macau and Monaco. In 2015, there was one gaming machine for every 114 Australians.

Gambling addiction causes untold misery to sufferers and their families. In 2015, there were an estimated 132, 000 regular pokie users in Australia and 46% of them had gambling problems.   

Racing Minister Paul Toole last week announced a raft of changes to laws governing pokies that are being as a means of curbing the harm caused by pokies.  But included in the new laws are provisions to allow clubs and pubs to lease licences on machines to other venues. Under present laws machines can only be transferred by sale, and for every three machines sold one must be forfeited. 

Under the new laws, venues would be able to avoid forfeiting machines by leasing them instead. Also, smaller regional clubs and pubs could lease poorly performing machines to larger venues in high-revenue areas like Fairfield.

Reverend Tim Costello, director of the Alliance for Gaming Reform, says:

“This legislation is a disgrace and it looks like it was written by Clubs NSW . . . The NSW government has no specific mandate to amend 16 different pieces of legislation like this and should delay the whole process until after the 2019 NSW election, so the community can have a say on whether NSW should continue on as the most pokies-soaked jurisdiction in the world, with the exception of Las Vegas and Macau."

Tell Gladys and Paul you are not happy with the new laws.