Stop random noise reporting of motor vehicles in NSW

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Currently in NSW any motor vehicle can be reported as excessively noisy by any member of the public, anonymously and randomly without any training or relevant equipment used to detect a non compliant vehicle. Currently the NSW EPA state that they have a robust compliance program in place and work with the NSW Poliice Force and the Roads and Maritimes Service, to minimise the impact of noisy vehicles on the community, yet there is no requirement to test a vehicle for noise compliance at a registration renewal

What we are trying to change is the fact that anyone can report any vehicle without due reason as I have personally been told of cars being reported that are garaged and don’t have engines in them and brand new cars from the dealer as well. This then costs the owners time and money to have their vehicle checked for no reason other than spite or past disputes in which the report is made to gain revenge 

I strongly believe the current reporting structure is unfair and needs to be addressed and changed in the best interest of the people of the state of NSW hence this petition being sent to the current NSW Premier for review 

Thank you