SERIOUS community health risk from North Connex exhaust stack!

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Hi my name is Lucas Dale. I'm 12 years of age and I live and go to school in Wahroonga NSW where the new North Connex tunnel is being built.

I would like the NSW Government to put a filter on the North Connex exhaust stack and to increase the height of it. The exhaust stack will blast out fumes and pollution from the 9 km tunnel redirecting over 5,000 trucks a day. Within a 1km radius of the stack there are 17 schools, pre-schools and childcare centres as well as 2 hospitals and 5 aged care facilities. 

Several prominent members of the Wahroonga community have expressed concerns, including local Dr Ray Nassar who stated "With children especially there are concerns that exposure to the pollution will cause permanent and irreversible damage to growing lungs... Our concern is not only about actually causing asthma and bronchitis, but also lung development, and, down the track, cancer." 

The Public Health Association of Australia also released a report in which they have requested a number of changes to the North Connex. These include increasing the height of the stack, adding filtration devices to the stack (which I also want), and relocating the tunnel exhaust stack to a non-residential and non-school area. All the things mentioned in this report are very serious matters and should be acted upon.

Please sign my petition so we can increase the height of the stack and get a filter for the stack exhaust.