SACK Blair MP, NSW, DPI, for Facilitating the Destruction of Kangaroos and the Environment

SACK Blair MP, NSW, DPI, for Facilitating the Destruction of Kangaroos and the Environment

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Kangaroos the scapegoat for unsustainable farming practices.
Niall Blair Primary Industries Minister NSW has sanctioned the slaughter of the remaining population of Kangaroos across NSW in a desperate attempt to gain votes from the NSW Agribusiness sector.
Minister Blair has been under fire from his own state NSW Liberal Government on many occasions.
He has blamed Minister Gabrielle Upton for a failure to sign off on a land-clearing code, which is one of the grounds for which the -Environmental Defenders Office, representing the Nature Conservation Council, is challenging the state land-clearing laws in the Land and Environment Court. 

He has been accused of running a “jobs for the boys and girls” culture, with the failed Nationals candidate for Orange and a former Blair staffer, Scott Barrett, appointed to a senior public service job. 

Then there was the water theft by irrigators in the Barwon Darling debacle.

Now Minister Blair is attempting to make himself the champion for those in the drought-affected areas of NSW by cutting the red tape for killing Kangaroos.
This is nothing short of genocide for the Kangaroos and what for, a handful of votes from the NSW Agribusiness by a desperate Berejiklian NSW state Government. Kangaroos are being made the scapegoat for unsustainable farming practices throughout NSW. These practices such as ongoing land clearing has left millions of hectares decimated, with all the wildlife needed for healthy ecosystems being      shot-out, poisoned and also suffering from the effects of drought.
Adult mortality rate for Kangaroos during drought is 60% and juvenile mortality is up to 100%
Despite the claims made by Minister Blair regarding the ‘plagues’ of Kangaroos across NSW what he is claiming is biologically impossible. Minister Blair’s own Government department the DPI stated that there had been significant declines for Red and Grey Kangaroos between the June/ July surveys in 2016 - 2017

Ray Borda President of the Kangaroo Industry Association Australia (KIAA) stated that he believes Kangaroo populations were currently in decline. He in June 2018 he stated “ "We're estimating that the population dropped by three million over the last twelve months and the twelve months before that they dropped by another three million”

Senator Lee Rhiannon , NSW Greens also stated, From 2016 to 2017, there had already been anaverage 50% decline in Grey Kangaroos across seven of the eight Western Plains commercial shootingzones, with the Narrabri Zone suffering a 69% decline.
There has been a 19% decline in Red Kangaroos across all eight western zones increasing to 45% average decline in the five zones recording population crashes.
The Lower Darling zone suffered the highest loss of Reds at 53%.
That survey was done in September 2016. There has been nearly 2 years of worsening drought since then.”
The destruction caused by livestock is irreversible, yet unsustainable farming and Agribusiness are being rewarded for this ongoing destruction and that destruction is facilitating ongoing drought.
To many of the Indigenous people of this country the Kangaroo is a Scared Totem, the mass slaughter of these animals also has negative implications for Indigenous culture thereby destroying the ancient Songlines and Dreaming Tracks across Country.

There is no justification for this slaughter other than the NSW State Liberal Government’s desperate grab for rural votes. Sustainable farming is always welcome but the current unsustainable farming practices need to be changed. Future Australian generations are depending on us to preserve for them
a healthy ecosystem.

There is a well-known saying “Destroy the land and the land will destroy you”

If this wilful destruction of land and wildlife is not stopped there will be nothing left for future generations.

There is strong condemnation and outrage for the actions and misleading information put forward by Minister Blair and the NSW Liberal Government about the population numbers for Kangaroos.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!