Open up Australia now!!

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Enough is enough as we all stayed home the last 3 months listening to our government.

No Easter, No church, no funerals, no weddings, no charity functions, no travel, no gyms, many lost our jobs etc.

We weren't allowed to pray in places of worship.

We weren't allowed to go to loved ones funerals.

we weren't allowed to go to Anzac day memorials.


All this and even now restricted to 10 or max 50 in some of the above but protestors allowed 30,000+


We are not saying black lives dont matter but we are saying everyone elses lives matter just as much.

Wheres the equality in everyone's rights and freedoms. Enough is enough open up the country and we need to know the truth about this pandemic?


We have been played by our government ,Gladys you to open up the country otherwise ASAP or resign or we will have to consider protesting as well. exercise our rights and our freedoms!