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An open letter to the NSW Premier

Dear Gladys Berejiklian,


As a Melbourne-based professional DJ for over 10 years now residing in Lismore in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, like thousands of other performers including singers, dancers, musicians, artists, drag queens, promoters, venue owners, staff and management…

It seems the Regional NSW entertainment industry has been left behind, compared to ALL the other states and territories (except SA) when it comes to covid and the easing of restrictions re: dancing. Let me break it down state by state: 

*Victoria - dancing allowed. 

*Queensland - dancing allowed. 

*Western Australia - dancing allowed. 

*Northern Territory - dancing allowed. 

*Tasmania - dancing allowed.

*ACT - dancing allowed.

I understand that hand sanitising, wearing masks, and physical distancing all help prevent the spread / transmission of this deadly virus, however would you please explain WHY six out of the eight states and territories now allow dancing, yet Regional NSW does not??? 

The current climate has allowed venues and their staff to continue working, with many artists and DJs having resumed residencies and gigs to seated crowds at reduced capacity, but still NO dancing. 

As of today Monday 1st February 2021, NSW has now seen 15 days without a known locally acquired case (as per NSW Health Services data).

I also understand that the Northern Beaches of Greater Sydney had a recent cluster outbreak, which has since been contained. In Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas, masks are still mandatory inside and dance floors aren’t permitted. 

However, WHY is the same latter of these two restrictions (no dance floors) still imposed on Regional NSW? Considering we’ve only had a handful of cases in Regional NSW since covid arrived in Australia THIS time last year! 

I’m sure I speak on behalf of the majority of my Regional NSW industry colleagues, who are also not only confused but disappointed and disadvantaged by these unnecessary “blanket management” restrictions. 

Times are tough enough with the increased impact on our hip pocket and mental health due to the pandemic, but not being able to dance is something that we ALL miss deeply!!! 

Our industry and our people are severely suffering both financially and mental health-wise…

Therefore, we are asking for a responsible re-instatement of dancing in Regional NSW venues, in line with the rest of Australia. 

Yours respectfully,

Magnus Dean 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!