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The Ivanhoe housing estate is a relatively young housing estate, built in Ryde in the 1990's.  At that time it was the showcase for safe, green and community driven public housing.   In the years since it was built the Ryde area has become prime real estate.

Developers wanted the estate, and after years of fighting the community of Ivanhoe were delivered the dreadful news that the developers and state government had come to a deal and the estate would be bulldozed.

The resident committee negotiated successfully an exit plan; key to this plan was that all residents would be rehoused in to suitable accommodation before the bulldozers moved in.  Existing residents would be the first to be offered a place in the new development which will house 3000, with 128 places available for community housing.

This agreement has now been reneged upon by the State Government and developers alike.  45 families remain in limbo, suitable housing is yet to be found.   Fencing around the demolition zone has begun and the resident's have been informed it will begin over the next 15 weeks, whether or not they remain.

We call upon the State Government; Dept of Housing and the Premiere to stop the demolition of the estate until, as agreed, ALL residents are re-homed.  Safe shelter is a right and not a privilege.  It is a disgrace and morally corrupt to leave frail aged to their own devices in a demolition zone.

The potential for major health issues secondary to demolition dust and debris for remaining residents is real.

The long fight has already taken it's toll emotionally and psychologically on the remaining tenants.

This is Australia.  We Can & We Must Do Better.  Stand Up Against Institutional Bullying and Sign.