Name the stand the Bloc will stand in 'Champions of Asia' with a gold star in the middle

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Peter Sterling and Brett Kenny are due to be rightly honoured with stands named after them at Bankwest due to their service to Parramatta RLFC

Wanderers whilst a new club were themselves the catalyst for the redevelopment of the ground and deserve to also have our history recognised. 

Whilst WSW is only a young club, we have achieved what no other sporting team in Australia has, becoming Champions of Asia. 

With the Red Black Bloc due to take up home in the safe standing area itself purpose-built for Football, why not name the entire terrace and stand the Champions of Asia stand, put a Gold star in the middle and leave it as a testament to a magnificent achievement from a co-tenant of this magnificent new stadium and also to the people of Western Sydney.

Western Sydney is proud of its sporting history, we honour those who gave their all in the name of our suburbs, this name will cost nothing to give but will serve to inspire for generations.

We the undersigned ask for the Northern stand to be named the 'Champions of Asia' with a Gold star in the middle of the roof of the stand.

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