Make Keorides in Macquarie Park a permanent service

Make Keorides in Macquarie Park a permanent service

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Melanie Mcdonald started this petition to Gladys Berejiklian (Former politician) and

I would like NSW Transport to reconsider and keep Keoride operating in Macquarie Park NSW. An announcement was made to advise Keoride Macquarie Park Trail would end 20th March 2020. During the 24-month trail 80,000 trips were deliver, an average of 4,800 per month. Trial in Northern Beaches got extended to 2020  why not keep or extend Macquarie Park?

What is Keoride?

Transport on demand. Ready when you are.

Life is more complex than timetables and maps. On Demand Transport understands your needs, connects you to public transport, and arrives when you’re ready to go.

By using Via’s powerful technology, the Keoride app matches customers who are travelling in the same direction and calculates an optimised flexible route to pick up and drop off customers close to their destination, you can even track the vehicle and get updated on your ETA in real time.

The service will pick up customers from their home or designated pick up point and transport them to key destinations within Macquarie Park. This service is operated with passenger vans and is designed to encourage people to swap their cars for public transport as a new mode of transportation to and from work or university.  Key benefits include not having to find and pay for parking or reducing the amount of time on public transport.

Lisa Aridah is my co-worker, when she told me about the service closing and how much it meant to her, I thought why not try a petition to ask NSW transport to reconsider.

Read about Lisa’s experience with Keoride and the difference it makes to her.

I have been using Keoride Macquarie Park for over a year now since I found out about this fantastic service that is heavily needed for Macquarie Park and being a person with a disability (I suffer from Cerebral Palsy)

I use this service daily to travel to and from work and to my doctors’ appointments and cannot travel on the buses as I do not have the ability to cross the road safely, I urge that the transport department relook at their decision and keep this service in operation permanently

I am very upset and disturbed that a needed service for Macquarie park has been cut by our government. This also makes me very upset as I have to go back to relying on family members to get me around.

Keoride, made me independent and empowered to join the community and rely on myself rather than my 71 year old father who cannot keep transporting me around Macquarie park.


Lisa is really exceptional, she is very independent and this service gives her so much freedom to move around in an affordable and dignified way which is not always very easy for people in her position.    

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!