Land Tax Relief for All

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We are asking for relief for the people of NSW through the reduction of land tax to be passed on to the people who occupy and or rent  property occupier. This money will be instant relief to people who rent or have property vacant. 

Outgoings, including Land Tax, can represent up 80% of the total rent a commercial or residential tenant pays. During these unprecedented times, restrictions must be applied across the board, so that all can benefit and come out the other side, with business and livelihoods intact.

We ask for the following to be implemented by the NSW government. These measures will deliver an immediate and efficient impact:

> 1. The next land tax instalment that is due to be cancelled.

> 2. This cancelled instalment amount is immediately passed onto the occupier whether they are residential or commercial (gross or net lease).

>3. Enforce fines if the relief is not passed on.

>4. Residential landlords to receive a one off payment of $1,000 which is to be passed to the occupier, in the way of rental relief.