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Keep Mullum Hospital Site for the community - Stop the Demolition, Call for Consultation

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It has been confirmed that the Department of Health and Property NSW are planning to DEMOLISH THE MULLUMBIMBY HOSPITAL BUILDINGS IN APRIL THIS YEAR.

The hospital site has been in service since the late 1950’s and has had over a million dollars of community funds put into it, funding some of the buildings, and providing key equipment. The 13 acre site was in a Government Gazetted Crown Land Community Site Trust from 1900 until 2010 when the NSW government apparently ‘sacked’ the trustees and ‘took’ the land. Over 2,400 community signatures have been collected in 2015 to keep the site for community use.

The community is rallying together to express our disappointment and demand the following;
1. A halt to the demolition of the buildings
2. Consultation about the future use of the site
3. The site to be returned to community control for the benefit of the community

NO CONSULTATION The government has not consulted with the community on the demolition or the future use of the site. Several packed community meetings over the past few years put the government on notice that the land is needed by and belongs to the community.

WHERE IS THE REPORT The community has been asking for the final Contamination Report and Remediation Action Plan. Why has it not been provided? Is this to clear the land for sale to a developer? The Report apparently says even the birthing centre built asbestos free in 1992 has asbestos contamination from airborne dust and has to be demolished. The community has the right to see and review that plan before any demolition attempt. If necessary the community may have to commission an independent consultant to verify the findings.

Here are some things to ponder….
1. Why has there been no community consultation or notification about the demolition?
2. Was the 2010 removal of the land from the community trust legal?
3. Did Property NSW and the Department of Health follow appropriate planning process for the demolition?
4. Why haven't the direct neighbours of the demolition site been notified? What safety precautions do they need to take?
5. Is the demolition is justified? Why not show the community the final Asbestos Contamination Report?
6. What are Department of Health’s and Property NSW’s plans are for the future use of the land – especially as it has been a community asset for over 100 years?
7. Why has there been no community consultation about the future use of the land?

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