Get year 12 back full time in NSW public schools

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Throughout every child’s 13 years of schooling we are always told that we are building towards our HSC. We are gathering knowledge that will be useful in getting into our dream courses at uni. Year 12 has always been seen as the one year that ‘counts’, the year that determines our future at university and our future career. 
Year 12 students in 2020 have been particularly unfortunate this year, so have many others in this devastating time surrounding coronavirus. However, we have lacked support from both the government, our own schools and NESA. Please help us, this is our final year where we learn vital content and get to share lasting final memories with our friends.

Public schools in particular are not gaining this support, private schools have been told clearly that all year 12 go back in week 3 to face to face learning full time. Public school students are still competing with the private school kids for their ATAR, so how can this be fair at all? It is a ranking system, so if some students are able to normally progress throughout the rest of the year then they will naturally have an advantage over those struggling at home. PLEASE do not send us back once a week, do not treat us the same as every other year when year 12 is the one that counts. We will already not get the sport carnivals, the muck up days, the knockout competitions that we were all looking forward to but please don’t take our last moments with our friends and this vital time to learn content that will be assessed in the biggest test of our schooling life, the HSC. 

Please sign this petition, get our year 12 students back full time from week 3 - the same as the private schools. No one should be getting an unfair advantage in this whole process, the ATAR is a rank. Please give us clarity and help us achieve our future goals.