Change the NSW law to allow bushfire victims to use caravans as long as they need

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Those affected by the bushfires that have lost their properties are being impacted by a law that states a caravan can only be used for more than 2 days at a time and are not occupied for more than 60 days (in total) in any single period of 12 months.

The rebuilding of homes may take longer than temporary accommodation will be available and in some more remote it could take much longer. Where are those bushfire victims expected to live if this law is enacted and how are they expected to earn a living if farmers can't live on their property?

We need to lobby the government to make an amendment to this law to help those affected by bushfires and give them an opportunity to get back onto their properties and back into the communities to give them the best chance possible to rebuild their lives.
Subdivision 3 Installation of moveable dwellings elsewhere than in caravan parks or camping grounds