Cancel 2020 HSC Exams

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With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, students are left to learn HALF of the HSC content all by themselves, with little help via online learning. This is adding stress to the class of 2020, which are receiving next to no support from the government regarding this issue. Instead, 2020 graduates are being treated the exact same as every other year group, where exams, atars and graduation will not be altered for existing circumstances. This NEEDS to change.

We cannot truly test the knowledge, commitment, resilience and learning of our next generation with what is going on currently. Whilst NESA is to be commended for their persistence, it's time to give up. It's time to offer some leniency to 2020 graduates. It's time to acknowledge the impact this has had on education. Action is needed now more than ever.

How can you truly test students with this going on? The focus should be on keeping SAFE, not keeping things consistent. Consistency now is unjustified.


Alternatives to UNI entry should instead be on other factors (not limited to one). This can include:

  • Year 12 Examination results (internal assessment marks)
  • Year 11 Results
  • Estimates of marks
  • Teacher references
  • Etc

Follow the action of other nations who have truly taken into account the circumstances that students are left with. They do not need the added stress!