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DA Number – DA/30/2018
576 Captain Cook Drive Seventeen Seventy QLD 4677
Material Change of Use Accommodation Building & Existing Hotel

Seventeen Seventy offers a peaceful and tranquil location for thousands of holiday goers, and residents . It is vital that any development in the township be strictly managed in order to preserve this amenity.

The proposed development of the Tree Bar at 1770 ( refer to DA application number), would have a significant and negative impact on the small township. The scale of the development alone is unsympathetic to the theme of the area, and will be a blight on the landscape. The size of this proposed development will place an unsupportable strain on the very limited road system - it will create traffic congestion but will also create a direct and real risk to public safety.

While it is clear that redevelopment of this site is needed, we are calling on the Gladstone City Council to reject this development application as it stands, and to ensure that any future development proposals compliment and enhance the town of Seventeen Seventy,