Change in teaching techniques

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Good Evening

I want to ask a question that which university we want whether to utilize our time or waste it.
I know our university is putting its full efforts to utilize students time in present situation,but before implementation of this platform at least it should be properly tested on some students because we face bunch of problems on the platform.
In one hour of study we even can't study 10 min properly due to following issues :
1--- network issues it disconnected many time.
2--- Platform crash.
3--- Unwanted echo.
4--- Sound is not proper.
5--- Many times it shows error.
6--- Some disturbing elements of class i.e some students.

So we can't study properly and our time gets wasted.

And we have to attend it any how due to attendance criteria. This affects our selfstudy also.

If university really wants to help us please implement this after resolving these problems or by uploading the recorded lectures on youtube . So we can study properly inspite of wasting our present time.