Alex Jones Custody Case: Court Uphold Jury Verdict, Give the Kids Back to Their Mother

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On April 28, 2017, following a two-week long trial, a Texas Jury decided for Kelly Jones to be Primary Parent to the Jones children.

Kelly’s case was based largely on evidence proving Parental Alienation, including brainwashing the children and serious medical neglect.  Kelly believes that the Jury’s decision for her to be Primary Parent was a de facto ruling that medical neglect and Parental Alienation occurred in the Jones case at Alex Jones’ hands.

Parental Alienation is child abuse.  It is a systematic brainwashing of children by one parent to turn them against another.  It destroys relationship and psyche and is incredibly harmful to children.

Here are the disturbing facts about the Jones’ kids situation and the case where it stands:

  • The Jury’s decision normally would have led to the children coming home immediately, usually the very same day or the next. But that didn’t happen.
  • The Court has still not effectuated (or upheld) the Jury’s verdict. Nothing has changed yet in the possession and access schedule. The kids are still with Alex primarily.
  • Additionally, despite the Jury’s ruling for Kelly to be Joint Managing Conservator and Primary Parent, the Court has empowered Alex Jones to keep the children in the therapy they were participating in prior to the Jury’s decision.
  • This type of therapy was shown to be unhelpful and counterproductive for alienated children during the trial and to even intensify the alienation.  The participating therapists missed the alienation and didn’t know key facts about the Jones children’s lives. They require that Alex Jones participate in any family therapy and didn’t focus on any issues he had.
  • Despite the ruling in her favor, Kelly presently has extremely limited visitation, less than many criminals, alcoholics or drug dealers, despite having none of those issues.
  • This case has been extremely odd procedurally,  including evidentiary rulings during the case and the postponement of the effectuation of the verdict.

Particularly you should know:


  • Two weeks after the trial, because the children are being alienated (abused), Kelly Jones’ counsel filed an Emergency Motion for the Court to Effectuate (or uphold) the Jury’s Verdict.
  • The Court, which had repeatedly granted Emergency Hearings to Alex Jones for Motions filed on non-emergency issues so that, for instance, Alex could go on a trip to Mexico with the children during Kelly’s limited time, refused to even set a Hearing for Kelly’s Emergency Motion, a Motion based on the emergency that parental alienation/child abuse  and neglect present.
  • During a telephonic hearing the next week regarding scheduling, and Alex Jones presented that he were planning to file a Motion to Set Aside the Jury Verdict. That means, Alex is moving to overthrow the verdict.
  • Alex Jones’ Motion, which hadn’t yet been written, was set for a Hearing on May 30th (it’s very unusual for the Court to set a Motion they don’t have before them.).  That is,  Alex’s counsel proposed a not yet drafted verbal motion, which the Court set.  The Court wouldn’t set  Kelly’s Emergency Motion based on Parental Alienation/Child Abuse.
  • Alex Jones has intensified his hostility towards Kelly, participating in online and print defamation and misrepresenting the facts of the case and the Jury’s ruling.
  • He has intensified his alienation abuse of the children and is now threatening to file a Motion for a New Trial.
  • Alex Jones has made indication that he is going to force the Jones’ alienated children to speak to the Court again, an inherently alienating action, especially considering the coached language the children use.

As a history of the case, you should know:

  • The court allowed pre-divorce evidence to come before the Jurors, which was prejudicial and based on the admitted perjury of a key “expert,” Allison Wilcox, who later admitted she lied. Wilcox’s lie forced the original divorce settlement. The Court allowed this testimony previously during the 2015 Temporary Orders Hearing, which prejudiced that Hearing and affected Kelly’s custody. The Court’s ruling to allow Wilcox to testify at the earlier Temporary Orders hearing was a highly unusual, almost without precedent.   To put it simply the testimony of a hostile and questionable highly-paid expert who purposefully lied and later destroyed her records was allowed to come before the Jurors as fact.
  • The Court ruled to exclude disturbing, extensive evidence showing Alex Jones’ disrespect of women, intoxication and raging, all on Infowars that he put out there for millions of people to view and see.
  • The Court ruled to exclude this evidence despite Alex Jones having testified under other that he intended to involve the children in his programming and that it would be detrimental to the children for them not to be exposed.
  • The Court’s ruling to exclude this evidence prevented the Jury from fully understanding what kind of person Alex Jones is, from his beliefs and hate to his raging behavior. Alex Jones behaves this way in person, and post the trial even spoke about indoctrinating the children to his paranoid beliefs about the “mainstream media.”

The Jury came back in Kelly’s favor 10-2 despite having had such limited evidence of Alex Jones’ bad behavior.  The Jury saw maybe 5 percent of the truth about Alex.  Kelly feels sure she would have been given Sole Managing Conservatorship if the Jury had been able to see it all.

Regardless, a Jury of their peers decided Kelly should be the primary parent and have the most significant role in the children’s lives.  They saw the alienation, abuse and neglect.

The children are in an unhealthy and abusive situation.  It is time for the Court to rule and for the children to come home to their mother.

Kelly Jones maintains hope that the Court will rule as a hero for the children and for alienated children across the country.  She hopes that the Court will review her Emergency Motion and act proactively and immediately.

Child abuse should not go unaddressed and children should not be left in an abusive situation.

We, the undersigned, implore the Court to rule immediately and proactively for the Jones children to protect them from further alienation abuse and neglect. The Jury has decided for Kelly Jones to be Primary Parent.  Court please rule immediately to effectuate the Jury's verdict and to give the kids back.