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Give your Elephants Real Freedom

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A year ago, Kenneth Feld, CEO of Ringling Bros., made a monumental decision to retire its 13 performing Asian elephants. The news was fantastic, not just for the elephants, but for the many animal rights activists who had been fighting for these beautiful creatures’ freedom for so long.

But the excitement died down once we learned the details of their “liberation”: the 13 Asian elephants will not be retired to a sanctuary, which strives to replicate their natural habitat in every way. Instead, they will live out the rest of their days in the Ringling Bros.’ very own Center for Elephant Conservation, a flat and nearly treeless 200-acre ranch, where they will have more room to roam, yes, but they will also still be prodded with bullhooks, shackled and kept indoors on bare concrete floors at night. In short, they will be far from free.

Please join me in calling on Ringling Bros. CEO Kenneth Feld to retire its 13 remaining elephants to a real sanctuary, so they can experience life in their natural habitat.

Ringling Bros. will also continue to breed the elephants. Why? Because Feld wants to “someday show tourists the grandeur of the Asian elephant,” in some as-yet-to-be-determined venue. For this reason, females will be kept on an endless cycle of pregnancy and birth. He has also invested in medical research using the elephants’ blood, and is dedicated to keeping them on hand for that reason. This is not freedom, and it is not humane.

Ringling’s Center for Elephant Conservation is a step up from circus performing, certainly, but Feld still has a long way to go to show these majestic creatures the respect they’ve earned from their decades of service (some of them have performed for Ringling for nearly a half century).

Help me get these humble creatures the freedom they deserve. Your voice matters because they do. Let’s stand up for what’s right and demand that CEO Kenneth Feld retire these elephants to a true sanctuary.

Thank you.


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