Give us our toilet doors back!

Give us our toilet doors back!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Evie D'Gama

The toilet doors at CCF being taken away for girls specifically is a massive issue, and something that majority of the girls are not comfortable with. These are some reasons why we should be given our doors back:

  • There is no sense of privacy when you are in the toilets, and what should be a safe space is now something that most of the girls do not feel comfortable to go into.
  • Whether the boys have their doors put back or not, the girls are not peering into their bathroom. However, the boys are not returning this. Many of the boys at CCF are shamelessly looking into the girls bathroom, making the girls incredibly reluctant to go in there.
  • Furthermore, as anyone who looks in the direction of the now opening into the bathroom can see directly inside, girls that wear hijabs can't fix them/take them off at all in front of the mirrors, as this would be in the direct eye line of passing boys and men. 
  • Also, although we really shouldn't have to mention it, girls have periods. Sanitary products can be quite noisy to open, and although we didn't previously with the privacy and safety of having doors and shouldn't have to, girls may now feel embarrassed or ashamed (even though it's perfectly normal and natural) about using these products when menstruating. 
  • In addition, because of the reasons above, most girls now don't want to go to the bathroom. As some will know, there are many health-related reasons as to why this is not good for you, including the risk of contracting an infection such as a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), or having Incontinence, Kidney Stones and many other issues. If a girl is not going to the toilet when she needs it, it is also much more likely that she would find it harder to concentrate in lessons. 

Please consider signing this petition to help us get our doors back, and thank you for your support!

67 have signed. Let’s get to 100!