Stop children being taken away from their parents by children's services without evidence

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My son wants his children back l want my grandchildren back home to the loving father they were taken from by children's services 

l have been falsely accused of hitting my grandchildren by children's services due to an accusation by my grandchildrens mother l have never been investigated l have not been allowed to go to family court to prove these lies things have been reported in reports to the court  that are libelous and defamatory against me and can be proven to be nothing but lies and conjecture by children's services who have listened to my grandchildren's mother who has lied through her teeth through jealousy to have the children taken from my son who has brough his children up since months old babies  for the last nine years without her  my whole family has been torn apart since they were given to her by children's services who did not want to know the historics   she has tried to alienate them from the family they have grown up with since babies even to the point she told my grandchildren they were stolen as babies by their father they are not allowed to look at us in the street or talk to us and if we dare to try and talk to them she reports us to children's services and threatens to move away with the children 

l had a very loving relationship with my grandchildren my son adores his kids and they adore him when he is allowed to phone them they keep asking when they are coming home please please help us to bring them home to where they want to be were they were loved beyond words it breaks my heart to watch my son's heart being ripped apart due to the actions of children's services who did not do their job right or investigate the accusations properly