Petitioning The Commission on Presidential Debates and 3 others

Give third parties fair coverage in Presidential debates.


The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is supposed to be a nonpartisan organization that gives equal, unbiased opportunity to all legitimate presidential candidates. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were wrongfully excluded from these presidential debates. The CPD does not give third parties a fair chance. When the CPD was first founded, potential candidates only needed to secure 5% of the public vote to be eligible in debates. In 1992, the CPD raised this requirement to 15% after Ross Perot successfully posed a threat as a third party. This is immoral and intentional exclusion. We’re asking the CPD to act like true Americans and end this corrupt censorship.

Third parties force the major parties in power to acknowledge serious issues that are otherwise avoided, ignored, or deflected. They are vital to the democratic system.

Pass this petition along and help advocate for the fair representation of our political parties. You don’t have to be affiliated with a third party; simply become informed, and vote your conscience. Help spread awareness to give America the freedom of choice we deserve.

Letter to
The Commission on Presidential Debates
Board of Director of the Commission on Presidential Debates Alan K. Simpson
Vice Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates Newton N. Minow
and 1 other
Executive Director of the Commission on Presidential Debates Janet H. Brown
All qualified presidential candidates must be included in the presidential debates. By excluding at least two viable candidates this 2012 election, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, you have perpetuated an act of censorship on the American people.

Third parties are vital to the democratic system, yet your self-claimed nonpartisan organization has made it nearly impossible for these parties to have a chance. It’s no coincidence that Ross Perot was the last third party we saw on the Presidential debates, coinciding with the CPD’s 1992 decision to raise party vote requirements from 5% to 15%. Your organization has made it unfeasible for third parties to compete with Democrats and Republicans. The CPD is silencing millions of American citizens who have shown legitimate interest in leaders such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. This is a blatant, unjust abuse of power that we consider unconstitutional.

We demand fair coverage and freedom of choice. Stop the censorship and allow third parties an equal opportunity to participate.

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