Give the Students THEIR Scholarship (of MVPP exam)

Give the Students THEIR Scholarship (of MVPP exam)

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Why this petition matters

Started by Question Slayer

MVPP is an examination organised by the Govt. Of Delhi for 9th grade students.

Less than 1000 students qualify this exam, meaning that its success ratio is just about 2%.

It promised a scholarship of Rs.5000 to the qualifiers.The results of MVPP 2021 had been announced in May 2021, however no information regarding the scholarship has been issued for over a year. 

The students who worked tirelessly for over a year to clear this prestigious examination have been left without hope as the government agencies continue to ignore our pleas, mails and phone calls.

This shows that:

  1. The Department is apathetic towards students
  2. The Education Department doesn't value education
  3. The people running the Education Department dont know anything about running any department or they are just negligient
  4. The common people have to struggle and will always have to struggle unless the incompetence of these agencies is looked into

We need your support to get the students their well deserved money and make the government machinery much more accountable.

This small change encourages Government to ensure that all the Departments run efficiently and transparently while ensuring that the Citizens get their due share of justice.

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!