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Give the people the choice! Medicinal Cannabis legalization for South Carolina Sign Please

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We need our voices to be heard! Please give us the right to choose how we utilize this wonderful gift of nature.

 It's no secret, cannabis and all its forms is one of the most beneficial natural substances on the face of this planet. There is much evidence to support this claim and can be found with little or no effort. It is highly likely that everyone reading this will have someone close to them that could benefit from the effects of cannabis. We're talking life-saving effects, and that's with the few years of scientific research thus far. Imagine as we apply more research towards Alzheimer's, the preventing, curing or killing of cancer , multiple sclerosis, heart disease, anxiety , Parkinson's disorder , children who are affected by severe epilepsy! The list goes on. The only life sustaining options patients have are synthetic pharmaceuticals which are toxic and addictive. We should have the right to have an alternative choice to that poison.

We now have data from multiple States that show the profitability of this Market as well as the new economy it would create. New jobs such as farming, processing, retail sales as well as many supporting roles. Again, this is going to be an explosion. We are wondering where the new road money will come from? Here it is. Do you want to lower health care costs ? Here is your answer. Do you want a more free society that have the freedom to choose how they care for their bodies?

 Of course, then the social stigma kicks in. Our faiths become questioned and we ask if this is the right thing to do. We were told to follow the rule of the land and what was provided for us by him was good. But if you look into the true history behind the prohibition of cannabis, you will find one of racism, politics and greed. Yes I did say it! Remember prohibition? We said no to that once already as Americans !! We now of course have instant information at our fingertips, so I will not site sources. I urge you to make your own informed decision and spread the word accordingly.

 I will continue to promote this until that day comes. We cannot fall too far behind, or we will miss the train and corporations will control the market and in turn so will the government.

Please allow us the right to alternative medicine! We are sick of prescription pills that kill us by the millions each year! We are sick of the pain from cancer treatments! We are sick of anti seizure medication that doesn't help my child! Give ME the right to choose! Please let your voice be heard! We need the state of South Carolina on our side so we can provide this wonderful, healing gift! Please educate yourself on the benefits before signing, you will be extremely surprised how much false information we have been given over generations by big corporations and their greed! Please help by signing this, give us the choice.

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