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Give the entire Star Wars saga to Disney

Since Disney just bought the Star Wars franchise, it seems appropriate to have any Star Wars related products out of reach to Disney to be given to them. 20th Century Fox's rights to five of the Movies and anything else Star Wars related they own expire in May 2020, at which point the rights are transferred to Disney. But Fox own pernament rights to "A New Hope". So, Disney should transfer the rights to their Narnia films (Fox owns one of them), in exchange for the Fox's rights to their Star Wars related material early plus "A New Hope", effective immediately. Let's face it, Fox isn't gonna make that much money on New Hope alone (at least, compared to the Money Fox would make with all 6 Movies) and they're gonna lose their other stuff anyway, so what's the point of not agreeing to this? Additionaly, it fills a few holes in they're film library that would be empty anyway. Now, Warner Bros. owns the Clone Wars movie and the Clone Wars TV Show (no confusion to the other series). So, Disney should give Warner Bros. the rights to "Return to Oz" (a sequel to the classic Wizard of Oz Movie, which Warner Bros. owns) in exchange for the rights to the Movie, the already made episodes of the Show and the right to make new Episodes on one of Disney's TV networks. 20th Century Fox has been planing to release the older Movies in 3D Theatricaly, so Disney should give Fox the right to continue these, but as the rereleases go by, Disney would slowly acquire the Theatrical rights to the Movies. In the event that a product would be transfered to another studio as part of one of these deals, the original logos for the original studios would be able to be reinstated in future releases of the products, as it can be considered part of the movies. For example, the Warner Bros. logo at the beginning of the Clone Wars movie would be kept in future releases of the movie. Finally, when Disney releases the main Star Wars movies in individual Blu-Ray 3D combo pack releases, they would contain the 3D rerelease versions and the original theatrical version restored and remastered (In the case of the original versions of the original trilogy, the 2006 DVD transfers would be spruced up to meet HD standards. In the case of Episode 3, a combination of the original DVD and complete saga Blu-Ray footage. In the case of the remaining films, use whatever you can find.), All of the bonus material from the other Laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray releases, the Star Wars Christmas Special and entire ride films for BOTH Star Tours rides (The 2nd Star Tours ride would be included on both the 3D and 2D discs. If a future one was to be made, it would be included in a Blu-Ray of a future Star Wars movie). The purpose of all this is to get all of Star Wars in one studio, for convience sake.

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