Give the children of Pontefract a playground they deserve

Give the children of Pontefract a playground they deserve

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Councillor Mrs Patricia garbutt (Wakefield metropolitan District Council)

Why this petition matters

Started by Stephanie Barker

I'm starting this petition because as a mum to a playground loving little girl, I feel like it's my responsibility to speak up for my child and other children in my area of Pontefract about the neglect of their playground at Pontefract racecourse. We are a town full of history and great potential yet it seems our children are being forgotten about in recent years. 

Not all families can afford expensive trips out for the day or be able to travel, so the least we could give our children is a clean, safe and exciting playground to go to and have fun.

Other local areas have the luxury of clean,  fun and brightly coloured play equipment yet our famous and very popular racecourse does not provide this for the children of Pontefract. 

I'm hoping Wakefield metropolitan District Council will see this petition and share the same views of so many of us and help us change this. We are aware there is plans for some development in 2023, however we also know there can be changes with dates and also funding. We would like some kind of reassurance that this will go ahead sooner rather than later. Possibly allowing the children of Pontefract to vote on what they would like to see in their playground may help.

To see disappointment on a child's face when they see a playground is a sad sight to see. There children who deserve a beautiful playground with adventure and fun!

If you could please sign this petition to show we all want this for our children you are going to make alot of little faces smile!  

336 have signed. Let’s get to 500!