Give teenagers in Mombasa education

Give teenagers in Mombasa education

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Started by Kian Moolraj

DearMr. Musuva and Mdm. Nancy Gathigia.,

We hope you are doing well. We are a group of four students from The Aga Khan Academy. We are currently working on a service learning project that requires us to write our input and feedback to officials, Mr. Musuva and Mdm. Nancy Gathigia. Our problem is lack of education and so we will focus on teenagers in Mombasa who are not able to go to school due to lack of fees or any other challenges they may be facing such as living in war zones, disabilities, lack of resources, and natural disasters. Later in life, they could grow up without having any knowledge whatsoever meaning that they would have no life management skills and end up living on the streets and the economy will not grow, we are contacting you regarding this problem.  Some of the skills that you teach the adults that we think are very interesting are the ICT skills as they help them a lot. We want you to teach these skills to the young teenagers as the next generation will mostly revolve around ICT and technology.


From the research we have carried out about your organization, we have found out that you work with adults and try to nurture their skills to make them into exceptional people. We do believe that this organization does an amazing job. Even though this programme has helped multiple people we think that the organization should also work with teenagers because teenagers in Kenya are also facing the same problem and we think that if they are handled from a younger age, it would create a more impactful effect on the matter.


We would also like to talk about affordability. Due to affordability, parents aren't able to afford education for their children, they aren't able to go to school and learn. They can end up living in poverty or living bad lifestyles. Children aren't able to get the education they need to be able to succeed in life and to learn new things in schools. This is why we believe your organization should also focus on a younger audience as a lot of teenagers experience trouble with getting education. Although adults may not have gotten the amount of education they would require, the younger audiences are as important and they are the future generation which means that we believe you can target them as well. 


The teenagers are the future, the future of our country. They are the leaders and the politicians of tomorrow. With a good education, these teenagers will be able to make informed choices and develop amazing programmes for our future. Upto 12% of teenagers in Kenya are not able to get an education because of expenses. Starting from a young age of about 13 years, they may not have had that opportunity to start like everybody else but they will still have a good chance. We believe that your organization could help these children in Mombasa.


In conclusion, we have contacted you about adolescents who are unable to attend school owing to a lack of funds or other obstacles. Teenagers are our country's future leaders and officials, and with a strong education, they will be able to make educated decisions and establish incredible programs for the future. We hope that you will at least consider going through with this proposal as it could help a lot of young teenagers in Mombasa.



Aminaz Kachra, Azusa Wasike, Kian Moolraj, and Samaria Akeno


28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!