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Give students reasonable options for funding higher education

With recent cuts to financial aid and student loans, college is becoming less of a possibility for more and more students. It is clear that our economy is struggling and that to move forward we need people who have the skills and education to compete in both local and world markets. How can we accomplish this without being able to acquire the necessary skills and education due to the high price tag on higher education? President Obama has recently brought forward legislation that would help to reduce loan payments FOLLOWING completion of higher education, but this will certainly not help students who are currently struggling to pay tuition NOW. Essentially, by reducing the availability for financial aid and amount alloted for student loans, students have to rely on big banks who not only attach extremely high interest rates and fees to the initial amount borrowed but are exactly the people who the government claims to be attempting to hold accountable for the financial crisis we are currently in. Our education system is in dire need of reform. Higher education should not be solely for the privileged few, but rather, an option for ANY individual who desires the opportunity to improve themselves and their communities through the skills and education offered by higher education. This petition is made in the effort to make college more affordable NOW. Give students reasonable options that will allow more students accessibility into the higher education realm and provide existing students with the relief of knowing that completing their education is not solely dependent on financial factors.

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