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Give students anonymous rewards for preventing bullying.

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Give students reward(s) becoming "Spy's or Investigators" for preventing bullying in school 


"What are you talking about?"

Bullying is on the rise in the United States. Frankly, we cannot ensure that it will always be 100% extinguished nor stopped unless proper rewarding, and support is placed. Do we really have a choice anymore? Bullying has caused many deaths of stabbings, gun shootings, suicides, to depression. Million's of dollars has been donated into anti-bullying paying councilors to council individuals that aids these type of students. Money is going down the drain which hasn't stopped bullying completely. 

"What is your petition?" 

I petition for schools to release anonymous rewards for students who capture real voice recordings and footage of a bully in the process to prevent a "pre-victim". PROOF is all we need from a bully.

"How would this anonymous award system work in school's with students as investigators?"

All students are granted the opportunity to win rewards for obtaining voice recordings of "pre-bullies" slandering, disrespecting, and harassing about other "pre-victims". Gossiping is the main start of a bully with his friends on campus who he feels comfortable discussing about others. One simple gossip is all that it takes that can tear apart one person's reputation. Gossiping must be the main focus. PROOF is needed to obtain a decision from principles. 

"How will this benefit school's to prevent bullying?"

Children, teenagers, and adults are always in favor of a reward for a good deed. It is unlikely anybody will say no for the anonymous reward. The more pre-bully's students can uncover, the more we can prevent pre-victims. 

Benefits of this Petition. 

  • Decreased suicidal, depression, hostile rates.
  • Increase of GPA, and higher test scores.
  • Supplying a small income to our student hero's.
  • The sky is the limit of benefits this petition can serve and help with bullying in general. 


I apologize about my horrible grammar and spelling, but there is no other choice we can take when it comes to bullying in today's society. We must have school's gather as one community, family to get rid of these pre-bullies and prevent pre-victims. This petition is unfinished along with guidelines such as rules and etc. But i covered most of the simple ways of how this process would go about. I hope you can understand how this can eliminate a big percentage of bullying through out schools. 

Let's make this world wide.

Please sign, share, this petition so we can take more action on Bullying. 

Thank you so much for reading. 


-Eric E


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